Space-Saving Cooking Gadgets For A Tiny Kitchen

Space-saving cooking gadgets for a tiny kitchen

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If your cutting board serves as the singular surface in your kitchen, and you find yourself using your sink as extra storage space while cooking, you're not alone. Tiny kitchens are a common reality many urbanites face.

But limited space doesn't have to restrict you to Seamless. You can cook, and you can do so happily if you have the right equipment. With just a few space-saving cooking appliances, you can maximize your small space.

Sure you may still long for that kitchen island one day, but for now, look at it this way: You'll never have to worry about too many cooks in the kitchen.

Here are nine space-saving kitchen appliances to help you out.

Bear Paws ($13)

Photo: Courtesy of Bear Paw Products

These handy "claws" are useful for tossing pasta or salad, or for getting a good grip on whatever you're slicing, whether it's a watermelon or roast. Best part? They're no bigger than, well, bear paws. 

Oversink Strainer Cutting Board ($30)

Photo: Courtesy of The Container Store

This all-in-one cutting board and strainer rests right over the sink, so it not only serves a dual purpose, but it's great for small kitchens where counter space is hard to come by.

Joseph Joseph 2-in-1 Whisk ($9)

Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

This amazing tool turns from a flat whisk, which you can use for scraping and stirring, into a balloon whisk, in one fell swoop. And, of course, when it's flat, it takes up way less space in your drawer.

Platino Stock Pot with a Lid ($77)

Photo: Courtesy of Pensofal

Another two-in-one gadget, this pot comes with a lid that is also a colander. One less thing to store, one less item to worry about.

Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool ($8)

Photo: Courtesy of Bento & Co.

It doesn't get much more compact than this. This little bottle contains a funnel, juicer, spice grinder, cheese grater, jar opener, measuring cup, egg masher and yolk separator.

Better Houseware Collapsible Tea Kettle ($30)

Photo: Courtesy of Better Houseware

This silicone and stainless steel kettle collapses in on itself, so you can store it easily and take it anywhere.

NutriBullet ($80)

Photo: Courtesy of Nutribullet

You want glorious smoothies, but you also want room on your counter for setting down, say, a fork. Not only is it comparatively pint-sized, but it's cheaper than a hugh jass blender, it's powerful enough and more than sufficient for a party of one.

Immersion Blender ($27)

Photo: Courtesy of Cuisinart

Even better? This skinny stick that blends food just as well as a bulky blender. It's also a lot easier to clean. This is the space-saving device of your dreams.

Adjustable Measuring Spoon ($9.50)

Photo: Courtesy of Fox Run

Sure, spoons are smaller than something like a food processor, but one spoon still takes up less real estate than four. This gadget is as smart as you are—as long as you buy it first.