Other Half Brewing Is Making Beer With Grits

Other Half Brewing's new Grits 'n' Greens beer is perfect for breakfast

Not a morning person? The new pilsner from Brooklyn-based Other Half Brewing may change your mind. The brewery just released a beer made from grits, fittingly called Grits 'n' Greens. Now that's what we call a wake-up call.

The brewery collaborated with Georgia-based Creature Comforts Brewing Co., using a mixture of Georgia-grown grits and wheat. The "greens" in the name come from the New Zealand-grown hops. Cans were released two weeks ago, and as of yesterday, the beer is also available on tap.

We tried the beer and officially approve it for the morning, or anytime of day. Though hoppy, it's still mellow, light and refreshing. With tropical and citrus notes, it drinks almost like a wheat beer and is really well balanced overall. Dare we call it a balanced breakfast?

There will be only a very limited supply of Grits 'n' Greens sold in cans, which may have the brewery's devoted fan base lining up for the new release, and the rest will be available on tap. So get down to Carroll Gardens, the Brooklyn neighborhood where Other Half is located, before it's too late.

Rise and shine, people. You now officially have permission to drink beer for breakfast.