Help Fund A Kickstarter For America's First Cat Bar

The latest restaurant trend has nothing to do with bone broth, millions of rainbows or fibrous leafy greens.

It's the genius concept of adding soft, purring animals to comfortable, welcoming cafés. What started as a trend in Asia more than a decade ago was quick to take hold in Europe and North America, and now is seemingly everywhere around the country. You can find feline-focused spots from Brooklyn to Austin, and even the phrase cat café is officially in the online OED.

Dogs have gotten some love recently (Los Angeles got a dog café, and a restaurant in Sweden added a menu just for canine pals), but cat lovers are raising the bar—literally. Though it's still in the Kickstarter phase, a new spot in Denver would let you play with cats, drink wine and maybe even take home a new pet.

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The idea comes from the Denver Cat Company, which opened a café a year and a half ago, and it's the ultimate example of mutualism. You get to play with cats and sip excellent coffee, with benefits for the cats, too. They're fostered in the café until someone wants to adopt them (which would be hard to resist).

Now you'll be able to find your new feline friend at a bar, too. The cats will all be sourced via partnerships with animal rescue facilities, which will ensure each one is healthy and happy before engaging them in happy hour. It's the safest way to guarantee you'll wake up next to someone you actually want to keep around.