Yoga & Wine Retreat In Tuscany, Italy

As if you needed another reason to visit Tuscany, Italy

Downward dog, glass of wine, pasta dinner, repeat. That's what your day would look like at Castello di Potentino, a real medieval castle in Tuscany that's the world's first certified wine and yoga retreat.

You'll do yoga by the pool and learn how to cook risotto with a Michelin-starred Italian chef. There's also an afternoon spa trip, hikes among ancient olive trees, a butchery class and more.

And though there are plenty of combination wine-and-yoga trips in existence, this is the first where you'll actually come out with something to show besides those warrior pose-toned quads: You'll get an official WSET Level 1 wine certification, globally recognized proof of wino buff, thanks to lessons from the esteemed former River Cafe sommelier.

The trip comes as part of a program called Study of the Senses, put together by owners Charlotte Horton and Alexander Green. If for some reason the idea of a five-day wine haven doesn't do it for you, there's also a weekend of Rococo chocolate in October, hands-on pasta making in November and more.

If the response to Julia Child's house turning into a cooking and yoga retreat space is any indication, food and wellness retreats are the new It getaway. Spend the summer biking across the South of France with chef Seamus Mullen as your culinary guide or explore Italy and Ireland this October with Dirt Candy's chef, Amanda Cohen. Or just watch the golden sunsets with a glass of bold Pinot Noir. We'll understand if you decide not to come home.