Video: How To Make Crispy Salmon Burgers

Like most fast-food favorites, it's easy to crave crunchy, greasy, flaky but vague fish shellacked in American cheese and served atop a soft bun. Really, what could be better? Our light and crispy salmon burgers with sweet pickle relish sauce, that's what (see the recipe).

No mystery fish here-rosy, omega-rich, center-cut salmon is the base of this patty mix, along with lots of fresh herbs and salty capers. Using a center-cut fillet is important, since it's less fatty and tastes lighter. With a crispy panko coating and a quick panfry, the burgers are reminiscent of the fast-food sandwiches of yonder (or recent days, no judgment) but are lighter, fresher, better.

Sandwich between a toasted Hawaiian roll, top with crisp iceberg lettuce and a slick of tangy herbed relish sauce, and you have a complete crunchy, sweet, tangy combo that will satisfy any craving. You'll never need to hit the drive-thru again.

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