Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

16 delicious ways to show dear old Dad he's the best (and you're his fave)

He taught you how to ride a bike, drive a car and that it's perfectly fine to eat mayo-slicked slices of bread as an after-school snack. (Or maybe that was just my dad.)

Whether it's your pops, grandfather, uncle or whoever taught you the crucial life lessons that shaped you into the person you are today, he certainly deserves something special this year. We've got you covered.

Maybe your old man appreciates a fine Japanese whisky or finally needs to let go of that raggedy, slightly embarrassing Kiss the Cook apron. Whether he's a picky person or a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, this gift guide has something for everyone.

Here's to you, Dad.

IKEA Viktigt Bamboo Cutting Board and Bowl

He doesn't criticize your balayage locks, so you can have only so much say about his mess in the kitchen. However, you can nudge him gently to cutting board Zen with this mise-en-place-perfect set.

ikea.com, $13

Photo: Courtesy of IKEA

Leopold Jigger

Your old man already has a pretty impressive mustache, so why not give him the whole modern bartender look with this 1930s-inspired, hourglass-shaped jigger?

thebostonshaker.com, $20

Photo: Courtesy of The Boston Shaker

Allen Brothers Ambassador's Assortment

Surprise Dad with the unbeatable gift of award-winning meats from Allen Brothers. From June 3 to 15, the Allen Brothers Ambassador's Assortment comes at a discounted cost and complete with all his favorite USDA Prime cuts. With four 10-ounce Prime Sirloin Strips, four 20-ounce Porterhouses and four eight-ounce Prime or Choice Filets, this makes the perfect present for summer. Get the special discount today!

allenbrothers.com, $343.96 for USDA Prime Filets & $269.47 for USDA Choice Filets

Highland Tumblr Smoke

Savor fancy-pants sips (ahem, Japanese whisky) in these charcoal-hued tumblers from famed glassmakers Riedel.

riedelusa.net, $20

Photo: Courtesy of Riedel

'Around the Fire'

The great thing about sending Dad this grill-centric book from the renown chefs behind Ox in Portland: You can be the beneficiary of all the grilled empanadas.

amazon.com, $35

Photo: Courtesy of Ten Speed Press

La Fourmi Steak Knives Set

You may not be able to convert your old man to the medium-rare side of life, but you can convince him that he needs these dependable, French-made serrated blades.

modernanthology.com, $95

Photo: Courtesy of Modern Anthology

Tilit Luxe Chef Apron

Kiss that Kiss the Cook apron goodbye with this washable waxed cotton canvas apron. Bonus: It's machine washable (you're welcome, Mom).

tilitchefgoods.com, $125

Photo: Courtesy of Tilit Chef Goods

Areaware Liquid Body Flask

Secure your spot as the undisputed favorite by presenting Dad with the greatest gift of all: alcohol at the ready. This ultramodern stainless steel flask should do the trick.

eastdane.com, $60

Photo: Courtesy of East Dane

Best Made Co. Pocket Stone

Tap into his fixer-upper mentality with this handy sharpening stone with dual-sided grades (Soft Arkansas and black Arkansas Stones). He can practice on your knives first.

bestmadeco.com, $42

Photo: Courtesy of Best Made Co.


All those questions you (and Google) can't answer about smoke rings and barbecue are covered for the budding grill master in this encyclopedic cookbook from the founder of amazingribs.com.

amazon.com, $35

Photo: Courtesy of Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Crate & Barrel Wherever Dual Fuel Grill

The man supported your short-lived gluten-free bakery idea, and now you can encourage him to bust out the barbecue whenever he so desires with this sturdy, portable grill.

crateandbarrel.com, $80

Photo: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

SOS Chefs Chimichurri Spice Blend

Let the grill master have his day beyond summer with this expertly sourced dry chimichurri mix from the cult favorite spice shop among New York City chefs.

sos-chefs.com, $15

Photo: Courtesy of SOS Chefs

Taylor Ham Pork Roll Slices

He let you eat candy before dinner, so it's only fair you let the man indulge in old-school Taylor Ham, perfect for New Jersey-approved pork rolls.

thetaylorhamman.com, $20 for four boxes

Photo: Courtesy of The Taylor Ham Man

ThermoWorks ThermoPop

Never watch Dad sulk over dry brisket again with this superfast thermometer that's top rated by The Sweethome. Let the (juicy) cooking projects begin.

thermoworks.com, $22

Photo: Courtesy of ThermoPop®

Suntory "Hibiki" 12 Year Old Blended Japanese Whisky

Impress Dad with a serious whisky, like this award-winning Japanese malt and grain blend. Taste the honeysuckle notes and gentle finish? Better drink more just to be sure.

drinkupny.com, $115

Photo: Courtesy of DrinkUpNY

Pivo Solid Brass Bottle Opener

Forget the tacky belt buckle and give your main guy this stylish yet clever bottle opener designed by lighting architect Luke Smith-Wightman.

kaufmann-mercantile.com, $39

Photo: Courtesy of Kaufmann Mercantile