Brew Your Own Beer With SodaStream's New Product

How to turn water into beer with SodaStream's new product

First, SodaStream took away your excuse for not drinking enough water by turning standard tap water into a glass of bubbly fun. And now—for better or worse—it's doing the same for beer.

SodaStream just launched a new product that lets you turn sparkling water into light, crisp "Blondie" beer. The magic lies in a concentrated, just-add-water barley malt-hops syrup, a liter of which sells for three euros. It's a surefire way to stretch your beer money even further, because with an ingredient ratio of one part concentrate to two parts sparkling water, you get three liters of beer for just over three dollars—much cheaper than your average six-pack.

It's targeted to those who want to get into homebrewing without the learning phase and waiting times, and based off share trading data, that strategy already seems to be working.

Right now, the product is available only in a few of "Europe's beer capitals," but it's looking to expand later this year, as well as in 2017. Until then, let the pioneers of the Internet show you how to recarbonate that beer you accidentally left on the counter overnight.