Beef Prices Drop Across The U.S.

Beef prices are dropping, so stock up and bust out that grill

Grilling season is upon us, and there's some good news on the horizon for burger and steak fans. Retail beef prices are the lowest they've been in two years, Bloomberg reports. The drop in price (which is about 2 percent) stems from a mix of factors: not only have bumper grain crops made feeding cattle cheaper for ranchers, but also cattle production is up for the first time since 2010.

Ground beef prices were at an all-time high in February of last year, so this is a pretty significant drop. And it's not just prices at the supermarket that are plunging. At the commercial level, places like Taco Bell are offering deals like two beef burritos for only a dollar.

Even if beef consumption rises this year, it will still be far from overtaking chicken as America's favorite meat. The site FlowingData explains: "In 1970, people consumed more than twice as much beef than chicken, but by 1987 it surpassed pork, and in 2004 moved passed beef. Chicken has been on top since."

And with barbecued chicken recipes like this one in hand, we understand why.