Video: How To Make Homemade Chocolate Tacos

Easily make this ice cream truck favorite from scratch

When the siren call of the ice cream truck wafts through the summer air of the neighborhood, what's your go-to choice? A classic Drumstick®? Maybe a timeless chocolate ice cream sandwich? For us, it is always a nutty, fudgy chocolate taco.

We make our buttery, crunchy shell in a pizzelle maker, which is easy to use and worth the investment, if only to fill your summer with these homemade ice cream tacos (see the recipe).

The best part of making the classic from scratch? You can make the ice cream taco of your wildest dreams. Choose your favorite flavor of ice cream. Once dipped into the chocolate coating, add some choice toppings. But, we must implore that you try our combo of toasted almonds and crushed speculoos cookies (we think it's a really good place to start).

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