Video: How To Make Homemade Cavatelli Pasta With Pea Shoot Pesto

Springy pea shoot pesto dresses up homemade cavatelli pasta

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Spring is finally hitting its stride on both the produce and weather fronts, and right now there's nothing more we want to do than grace our tables with light and springy dishes like our fresh cavatelli pasta with pea shoot pesto (see the recipe).

Though fresh peas are synonymous with springtime, did you know that pea shoots are fair game, too? The pretty clover-looking leaves with their tiny coiled tendrils are not only precious looking but also make a sweet and bright green pesto perfect for tossing with a short, ridged pasta like cavatelli.

We challenge you to take this dish one step further by making the cavatelli from scratch. Making your own pasta is easier to do than you think and infinitely more impressive. After shaping and chilling the dough, the pasta-to-be gets passed through a cavatelli roller, easily creating short, rigid pieces that will cook up in just a few minutes. The little ridges help the bright lemony pesto cling onto the pasta for the ultimate springtime bite.

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