Flatev Promises Instant Fresh Tortillas At Home

A new Kickstarter is funding an instant tortilla machine

Since we live in the era of convenience, a group of people are working on a machine that turns out homemade tortillas at the push of a button. Flatev, operating on Kickstarter right now, works a bit like a Keurig coffee maker: Users take little pods of tortilla dough made with corn or wheat (or with cinnamon for breakfast), put them into the machine, then specify tortilla crispiness. Next thing you know: Instant homemade tortillas.

Thinking about buying one? You better really like tortillas. The machine is slated to hit the market for $437—though Kickstarter backers who pledge around $200 upfront will have one coming their way when the product is ready in August of next year. The project's already passed its goal of $50,000, and there are still 26 days to go.