Countdown To Your Best Summer Ever

This May, we're prepping for the best summer ever

In New York City, summertime is a reward for surviving the cold winter (yeah, we know there's this thing called "spring," but it's usually almost nonexistent). Summer is also one of our favorite times to eat: Berries and stone fruits are bursting with sweet flavor, the corn is shucking awesome and don't even get us started on the general euphoria that comes along with the start of tomato season.

So this May, we're getting in a summer state of mind a month early, sharing recipes and ideas to make the season its most delicious: We'll prep you for Memorial Day with a grilling guide that will show you what to cook and how to cook it, as well as a burger matrix that will put underseasoned, overcooked patties to shame.

"Hot weather" also translates to "outdoor drinking," so we'll be celebrating the wonderful world of frozen booze, arming you with the best portable wines for your beach, park and fire escape picnics, and filling you in on why everyone should be drinking Georgian wine this summer.

Join us for a scoop of vegan ice cream and an ice-cold frosé as we count down to the first official day of summer (which is 49 days from right now).