Video: How To Make Quick-Pickled Rhubarb

Bathe the sour springtime stalks in a pretty red wine vinegar brine

Rhubarb is about as synonymous with the word strawberry as it is with the word pie. But we have some news for you: Springy rhubarb doesn't have to be doused in sugar to be enjoyed. For a change, we pour a pickle brine perfumed with fresh herbs and fennel seeds over the sour stalks. The red wine vinegar helps coax the already-semi-pink rhubarb pieces into a stunning shade of magenta.

The quick-pickled rhubarb is perfect for sprinkling atop a salad like our recipe for a springy frisée salad with pickled rhubarb, radishes and Marcona almonds. The rhubarb adds not only a bright and punchy note of tartness but also a pretty pop of pink among the frizzy spring greens. And bonus move: The vinaigrette uses some of the pickling liquid.

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