Snowe Home Decor Makes Your Spring Upgrade Beyond Easy

Home decor site Snowe has everything we want for a kitchen upgrade this spring

Clean, simple, elegant: These are the words that come to mind when we envision our dream kitchen—although in reality, our shelves are cluttered with mismatched mugs and glasses.

With all of the options in home design these days, the thought of an upgrade can feel overwhelming—but it doesn't have to be that way. Enter Snowe, a one-year-old home decor company that's about to make everything real simple for you.

In addition to selling bedding and towels, Snowe offers a sleek kitchen line that's sophisticated enough for special occasions but utilitarian enough for the everyday. The clean, white plates and mugs are made with Limoges porcelain, which, importantly, can hold up in a microwave. The stems of the wineglasses are reinforced with titanium, which means they won't break easily—another plus after you've thrown back a few.

"One night we're throwing a dinner party, the next we're eating cereal on the couch," founders Andres Modak and Rachel Cohen proclaim on the website. Us, too.

A company after our own hearts, Snowe not only reaches the perfect balance between luxury and everyday basics with its kitchenware, but it also features stories that assure us that, yes, we can throw a house party, and, yes, we can make a real martini at home.

Spring makes us want to clear out everything we own and start fresh, and if we had it our way, we'd be doing that with Snowe. Here are the nine essentials we're coveting most.

Dinner Plates (Set of 4 for $80)

Pasta Bowls (Set of 4 for $72)

Flatware Settings (Set of 4 for $120) 

Mugs (Set of 4 for $48) 

Chef's Towel ($25)

Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4 for $80) 

White Wine Glasses (Set of 4 for $80)

Short Tumblers (Set of 4 for $60)

Wine Decanter ($70)