11 Hilarious Food-Fashion Pun Names

Meet Gisele Bündtchen, Cocoa Chanel and other punny members of the food x fashion elite

As most good things do, this all began with Coco Chanel. Or should I say Cocoa Chanel?

We love puns here at TT HQ, and it started spiraling a bit out of control as we were brainstorming a grabbing headline for my food x fashion collaboration story. Eventually, we got a good one (hello, Mise en Pants), but we couldn't stop mashing up models and fashion icons with food—and laughing hysterically. C'mon, Karl Lagerfeld?

We couldn't keep the silliness to ourselves—and, thankfully, my friend and illustrator extraordinaire, Rosalyn Yoon, happily jumped on board. Now introducing the foodified versions of the fashion elite.

Caracara Delevingne

Those epic eyebrows really bring out her vibrant red-fleshed navel oranges.

Cocoa Chanel

It doesn't get any more timeless than the iconic designer behind the little black dress dripping in garlands of chocolate.

Gisele Bündtchen

Yeah, you can attempt to eat like Gisele and Tom, or you can just stare at her adorably tiny cake hat.

Dolce & Gabbanana

Banana suit? Nah, luxe Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana would more likely don little banana ties.

Heidi Plum

One day you're in, the next day you're out and maybe the day after that you find a beloved stone fruit in your gorgeous blonde mane.

Cindy Crawfish

You've got a little something on your mole there, Cindy.

Diane von Furstenburger

The woman behind the fabulous 70s wrap dress meats her match.

Naomi Campbell's Soup

What's better than a chicken casserole loaded with the iconic soup? When the most badass model of the 90s (and beyond) is donning them as earrings.

Gigi Hotdog

Gigi really is dominating the world, with Zayn on her arm and these tube steak-shaped barrettes in her hair.

Victoria Beckham Sandwich

Posh Spice can do no wrong—even if she one day decides to tattoo a #basic sandwich on her back.

Karl Lagerfeld

We didn't need to really change anything about the legendary, perfectly coiffed, perpetually sunglassed Chanel designer. His last name is beer!