Video: Make A Sheet Pan Dinner Of Roast Chicken And Veggies

This one-pan spatchcocked chicken dinner is a winner, winner

We get it, when you hear roast chicken, you don't always think weeknight dinner. So instead of saving that bird for Sunday supper, we're going to teach you how to roast it in half the time (see the recipe).

The key is spatchcocking the bird: By taking the backbone out of the chicken and flattening it, the roasting time is cut way down (read: a quick dinner after a long workday). To make things even easier, we say roast your vegetable sides at the same time and on the same foiled-lined sheet pan for ridiculously easy cleanup.

To make the one-pan meal, four kinds of meaty mushrooms are tossed with whole cloves of garlic and Fresno chiles. At the tail end of roasting, torn kale gets added to the pan to crisp up like chips for added texture. And because lemon rounds act as a rack for the chicken, everything gets kissed with bright citrus flavor.

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