Video: How To Assemble A Hidden-Heart Cake

This cake has a heartfelt secret

There's only one way we know how to say thank you to our 1 million (!!!) Facebook followers, and that is, of course, with cake.

This isn't just any frosting-covered, sprinkle-smothered, three-layer, rose water-scented vanilla cake. In our heart-filled vanilla cake recipe, there's a heartfelt surprise in the middle, and it's much easier to master than you might think.

By scooping out the special shape in the layers and then pressing different-colored cake tightly into the void, you can easily create a hidden surprise. Once the cake has been layered, frosted and sprinkled beyond belief, it looks like any old vanilla layer cake. That is, until you slice it open, and ta-da! You have a piece of our heart. We picked blue in honor of Facebook's color scheme, but you can dye the cake any color of your choosing.

One last tip, when it comes to the sprinkles, this is not the time to hold back. Let it rain!

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