Anheuser-Busch Slammed Over Leffe Blonde Marketing

Anheuser-Busch slammed with lawsuit over origin of Leffe Blonde

One man in Florida is quite angry with Anheuser-Busch. So angry, in fact, that Henry Vazquez has decided to sue the beer company for allegedly misleading him (and supposedly others) about the origin of Leffe Blonde beer. The suit points out that the packaging states, "First brewed and perfected by Belgian Monks over 700 years ago," and "Seven centuries of Belgian craftsmanship in every chalice. #Leffe, since 1240."

While the beer was originally brewed at a Belgian abbey, the suit states that that hasn't been the case since the French Revolution. The beer is currently mass-produced at the Stella Artois brewery.

A rep for Anheuser-Busch defended the company in a statement to Eater, saying:

This isn't the first time a court has addressed how beer is marketed. Last year, a $20 million class-action suit was successfully won against Beck's. The suit claimed that Anheuser-Busch's packaging led customers to believe the beer was made in Germany, when, in fact, it was brewed in St. Louis. Those who felt they had been misled were able to claim a $50 reimbursement (with proof of purchase) and up to $12 without.