The Best Food Instagram Accounts

The 10 food Instagram accounts you should follow right now

It's time for some fresh blood in your Instagram feed. Your high school friend's cat is cute, but not that cute—so what better way to bulk up that hourly scroll session than with a fresh crop of food 'grams?

Instagram accounts that put food in the spotlight can teach us many things, like the proper way to hold a bagel and how to perfect the cheese pull for optimum likes. Others go beyond that, throwing art into the mix by using pieces of eggplant and parsley to craft a happy panda.

While we're at it, we'd like to send a special shout-out to all the chairs out there for the endless support, making all these overhead shots possible. Now click through the slideshow and prepare to go down a sweet, sweet rabbit hole of glorious food photos.

Marie Saba

This blogger gives food puns a whole new meaning. It'll take a bit of effort on your part to figure them out, but just keep calm and curry on, and you'll be fine.

Photo: @mariesaba via Instagram

Culinary Canvas

Most people can easily see that rosemary sprigs look like wintry pine trees, but artist Lauren Purnell takes that insight one step further. She spins bits of food into delightful edible art, whether it's Winnie the Pooh made from squash and pepper or a blueberry-dill bouquet.

Photo: @culinary_canvas via Instagram

Salty Seattle

Her bio reads "I make crazy with food," and she's not kidding. Linda Miller Nicholson's account is full of impressive heart-stamped, colorful noodles that will have you wondering how on Earth she does it.

Photo: @saltyseattle via Instagram

Two Red Bowls

This is the type of food you want to curl up to with a latte in hand. Think apple pie-stuffed pancakes, orange-almond buns and other dimly lit goodness from a Manhattan-based blogger.

Photo: @tworedbowls via Instagram

Pancake Funday

Think you're talented? A five-year-old made this intricate spring flower pancake (flapjacks are a family affair for this crew). You can even see stop-motion videos of pancake batter creations come to life.

Photo: @pancakefunday via Instagram

Framboise Jam

If you prefer your doughnuts with a side of European cobblestoned streets, this Milan-based photographer (and law school grad) will be your new favorite human.

Photo: @framboisejam via Instagram

Stephen Collucci

The wizard of a pastry chef from New York's Colicchio & Sons has it down when it comes to plating. Those who claim not to be a "dessert person" will find themselves utterly transformed by his miniature brown-butter-glazed doughnuts and lime steamed pudding.

Photo: @stephencolucci via Instagram

Josey Baker Bread

If you aren't close enough to San Francisco to try The Mill's bread creations, at least you can stare at them longingly. As far as food porn is concerned, Josey's loaves could give "large crumb bread" its own subgenre.

Photo: @joseybakerbread via Instagram

Food Typography

Ohio-based Danielle Evans takes "say it with food" to a new level, using pieces of food to spell out apt sayings. In case you still haven't figured out what "on fleek" means, maybe "on leek" will make more sense.

Photo: @foodtypography via Instagram

Izy Hossack

The ever-likeable British blogger had us at hot cross bun loaf. You can find recipes for many of her posts on her blog, Top with Cinnamon, so you can see your pancakes and eat them, too.

Photo: @izyhossack via Instagram