'America's Best Breakfasts' Cookbook Released Today

Rise and shine with this new cookbook dedicated to breakfast

Let us count the ways we love breakfast: Fat stacks of pancakes, baked oatmeal, breakfast pasta, and the list goes on.

Lee Brian Schrager, the founder of the Food Network South Beach and New York City Wine & Food Festivals, and author Adeena Sussman feel the same way. Which is the why the Fried & True duo have made that most important meal of the day the focus of their latest cookbook, America's Best Breakfasts ($23), which is available for purchase today.

"Really, who doesn't have a favorite breakfast dish?" they ponder in the book's introduction. "As the first meal of the day, it sets the tone for what lies ahead, a sort of morning manifest destiny with a healthy side of optimism."

Photo: Courtesy of Clarkson Potter

The two toured breakfast joints, both iconic like Bryant's in Memphis, Tennessee, and new-school like Café Gratitude with all its turmeric-spiked lattes in Los Angeles, sharing recipes from chefs who are making breakfast a new playground for culinary innovation (see the Breakfast Champs category in the "Tasting Table 46"). There's flaky malawach from 27 Restaurant in Miami and crispy kimchi pancakes with kimchi pickling liquid for dipping from Jenn Louis at Sunshine Tavern in Portland, Oregon.

It's part anthropological, part straight-up food porny. But it all goes to show that breakfast is having a new revival and that it's time to upgrade your toast and lukewarm coffee situation.