You've Got Kale

108 food-themed cards to send to your friends

Say what you want about the convenience of online cards, but nothing beats a real, live, printed card—particularly when it has a cheeky food joke on it. Graphic designer Naz Sahin Ozcan put together a box of 100 food-themed postcards with images from 10 artists, featuring designs like a spaghetti western star covered in actual spaghetti.

If you're looking for a single card to send, we've rounded up a slew of other options that channel everything from Julia Child to George Clooney to breakfast foods.

Now, go write your grandma a letter.

You Take Too Many 'Instas

You know you know this person... ($4.05)

Let's Just Taco 'Bout It

Let's be real, nacho cheese solves all problems. ($3.49)

What Would Julia Do?

When in doubt (or the middle of a kitchen nightmare), just ask this simple question. ($3.50 per card, or $14.50 for a set of six)

Cavallini le Jardin

For all of your urban friends who just want to move to a farm. ($3.95)

Brussels Pout

Now, now, there's no reason to pout over Brussels sprouts. ($3.50 per card, or $14.50 for a set of six)

Breakfast Skull and Bones

Maybe those secret societies would've been a bit less scary if this were their logo. ($3.49)

Marmite: Love It/Hate It

Perhaps the most divisive food on the planet. Just make sure to order the right card. ($3.83)

Things That Get Better with Age

This birthday card is wise. Cheese, Scotch and Clooney—what else do we really need in life? Nothing. ($4.95)

Curious Feast

Naz Sahin Ozcan's box of 100 food-themed postcards has a bit of everything: illustrations of vegetables, photos of fruit and other curiosities. ($14.84)