April Editor's Note: Now Meets Next

This April, join us as we look into a culinary crystal ball

As many food publications do, we tend to focus on the chefs and restaurants that are hot rightthisveryminute—but this month, we're pulling out our culinary crystal ball and taking a deep dive into the future of food.

Join us as we look to the next phase of chef collaborations (hint: There may be sneakers involved), experiment with cricket flour (because bugs are going to be the next sustainable food source, like it or not) and ask chefs who they think will be the next big deal in the restaurant world. We'll also introduce you to the oil you'll soon stock in your pantry.

And because breakfast is when you can think about the future of, uh, your day, expect more TT-approved meal ideas that are worth waking up for, including an Arkansas chef's spin on biscuits and gravy and an innovative grilled cheese that may inspire you to set your alarm a little earlier.

We're looking forward to this month—and to what's next.