A 'Gilmore Girls' Cookbook Is In The Works

Can a proposed cookbook bring the taste of Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow to life?

Just as Amy Sherman-Palladino and the entire Gilmore Girls cast ready to film a reunion of the hit early aughts show, one Gilmore Girls fan is hoping to write a cookbook of recipes from the life of Rory and Lorelai.

Kristi Carlson recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an Eat like a Gilmore cookbook for those who "get" the Gilmore way of life—which we can only take to mean you like your coffee black enough to rot your teeth, Luke's cheeseburgers and sushi made with Jujubes.

The book will cover three categories: "items you would find on a menu in a small-town diner," or in other words, things one might order at Luke's Diner, such as peach pie or perhaps even Luke's special omelet. There will also be recipes for "foods you would feel comfortable serving at a Friday-night dinner," so think salmon puffs, squab, rabbit sauce and other dishes that were carried out of Emily's kitchen by a parade of maids to the grand dining room table on Friday nights. And, finally, there will be a section honoring Sookie St. James's cooking, which Carlson calls "foods you might see served at a charming, eclectic, independent inn."

We can only hope that the book will include a recipe for Sookie's magical "You haven't lived until you've eaten it, says Ruth Reichl" risotto. But that recipe for lime fantasy supreme from the Donna Reed episode? Yeah, we wouldn't mind if that stayed planted firmly in our memory.