Ramps Are Back And Ready For Instagram

Spring is finally here, and with it, the season's most Instagrammable vegetable

Ramps are back, folks, which means it's time for the food world's annual ramp freak-out. The wild spring onions have a very short season, making their debut even more anticipated and their appearance on the scene even more precious.

As the late Josh Ozersky put it, "There is no shortage of enthusiasts, both at home and in restaurants; after all, the Church of the Ramp is one of the fastest-growing denominations in the religion of seasonality." Written six years ago, those words are as true today as they were then.

Only one day into spring, and we're already seeing ramps popping up in restaurants, home kitchens and, yes, all over Instagram.

Would You, Could You with a Ramp?


In the Kitchen


In the Wild


On Fancy Plates


On Casual Spreads


On All the Pizza


And All the Flatbread


Get your beautiful, pungent ramps while they're still at the farmers' market; otherwise, you'll have to wait until next spring's narrow window to wave your ramp flag.