How To Make Guinness Cake With Irish Cream And Whiskey

Take the drink you love and turn it into cake instead

The drink isn't an Irish tradition that's been around since the days of yore, à la soda bread and Irish coffee. It's been around since only 1979, and many believe that it shouldn't be a thing in the first place.

But the reason the sake bomb-style drink is still at least a part of the conversation is because, frankly, it's delicious. And it works equally as well in dessert as it does in a pint glass. Deep, nutty stout accentuates the malty chocolate flavor in the cake, and the pocket of Irish cream-and-whiskey curd inside is a lava cake-style surprise for the unsuspecting eye.

It's got everything you love: beer, whiskey and boozy cream, without any rushed chugging to avoid a potential sad curdle. It's your lucky day.

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