Obama Eats Tacos, Mocks Trump's Wine In Texas

Obama pokes fun at Trump's wine

President Obama swung by SXSW this weekend, grabbing some tacos from Torchy's and taking some time to help raise money for the democratic party. Powered by those tacos, the president couldn't help poking fun at republican front-runner Donald Trump's food brands (which were on full display at an event last week). At a fundraiser in Dallas, the president said:

"Has anybody bought that wine? I want to know what that wine tastes like. . . . I mean, come on. You know that's like some $5 wine. They slap a label on it. They charge you $50 and say it's the greatest wine ever."

As for his taco order, the president—who is the only person ever to cut the line at Franklin Barbecue—ordered three politically themed tacos: a democrat, a republican and an independent. Looks like he might have even crowdsourced his order:

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