Video: How To Make Chicketta

Chicken breast rolled up in the style of porchetta

Porchetta is an entire pig packed to the brim with layers of herbs, stuffing and meat. Then it's rolled up tightly and roasted slowly over a spit. Though amazing, making it is a lot of work.

For our chicketta, we take weeknight-appropriate chicken breasts, pound them thin and roll them up with slices of prosciutto and lots of fresh herbs. We tie them up tightly and, after a good sear, they go into the oven to finish. They come out golden, crisp and juicy.

Make sure to get chicken breasts with the skin on (if yours have bones, you should cut those away before pounding). The skin rendering into a crispy sheath is the best part-that and the pretty swirl that emerges when the chicken is sliced into rounds.

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