March Editor's Note: The New Europe Month

The Old World meets the New World this March

Last night, I had dinner with a friend who was just in town from Italy. As he regaled me with tales of the cacio e pepe he twirled in Rome and the olio nuovo he dunked unsalted bread into and the fatty slabs of bistecca alla Fiorentina he ate in Tuscany, I felt like I was almost there. Almost. (Although the cheesy scripelle in the brodo we were eating at Roman's in Brooklyn may have had something to do with that, too.)

American chefs have been looking to Europe for inspiration for, well, forever. Many of them staged in French kitchens or have toured the continent for menu inspiration. In recent years, it was Spain, then Scandinavia that had the strongest hold on chefs' minds—but where are they exploring now?

This March, we'll take you on a tour of the Old World, with a focus on how traditional cuisines are meeting and influencing modern cuisine. We'll show you how to make pork-filled choucroute garnie for a crowd, fill you in on why Rome is having a culinary moment, tell you where to eat in Paris right now and let chefs bring you their picks for the most exciting food trends on the continent.

And as the weather slowly turns from frigid to, well, less frigid, we'll warm you up with an Easter feast, perfect-every-time pork chops and a warm chicken salad from one of our favorite NYC restaurants that gracefully bridges the gap between winter and spring.

So come away with us as we explore Europe this month. It's sure to be a (delicious) trip.

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