The New Macklemore Song

Macklemore's new song is the ultimate food lover's jam

The song starts off with a debacle about doughnuts. Does he buy a doughnut for breakfast? He wants one, but what about that diet? He shouldn't, really. (He gets the doughnut, because "f*ck it man, I love fried sh*t!")

Last week, Macklemore released his new album, This Unruly Mess I've Made. There are deep dives into drug overdoses and how he fits into rap culture, plus slightly less deep dives into riding around on a moped. But the shallowest—and in my opinion, best—track of all is called "Let's Eat."

The song pokes fun at our hyperfocus on food/gym balance, which echoes the way we once talked about work/life balance. I'd say it's tongue in cheek, but Macklemore's mouth is definitely too full of tacos and crepes to fit anything else. He raps about dusty gym membership cards, fitness-tracking devices, delayed resolutions and other relatable things: "I never knew what a carbohydrate was / Turns out that it's all the snacks I love"—this line speaks to me on a spiritual level.

The general response is that the song is relentlessly cheesy, that it's out of place on an already-disjointed album. But do you know what else is cheesy? Nachos. Baked pasta. Everything good in life.

Music critics can say what they want. I'm just here to eat.