Video: How To Make Pasta E Ceci

How to make hearty and comforting pasta e ceci

Pasta with chickpeas, known in Italy as pasta e ceci, is a close cousin to pasta e fagioli and pasta e lenticchie.

Soaked and drained chickpeas are perfumed with rosemary, bay leaf and garlic for a couple of hours. After puréeing a ladleful of beans and garlic, the purée is added back to the chickpeas, along with sautéed San Marzano tomatoes and onions. Once incorporated, the puréed chickpeas create a creamy sauce that will cling to the pasta once it's added to the pot.

The pasta cooks in this mixture, making this almost as easy as any one-pot pasta. Brothier than most pasta dishes, it's more like a mix between a soup and stew, and that's what makes it so cozy.

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