How To Make Whipped Cream In A Cocktail Shaker

The easiest, cleanest way to make whipped cream

Whipping cream by hand is hard work. If you use electric beaters or a stand mixer, the task is easy, but without it, you need serious arm strength and dedication. It's also kind of a loud, annoying mess. If you're not getting aggressive with your whisk and making a lot of noise clanking it around in your metal bowl, you're not beating heavily enough. Inevitably, cream will splatter out of the bowl, and you'll break a sweat in the process. The final product may be beautiful, but getting there certainly isn't.

There's a trick for containing the noise and the mess, however, and it requires neither a whisk nor a bowl. And more importantly, it looks cool.

Introducing your new favorite party trick: Make whipped cream in a cocktail shaker.

Tasting Table Drinks Editor Jim Meehan shared the hack with cooking website Panna, describing it as "an old bartending trick." 

Depending on how stiff you want your whipped cream, you'll need to shake anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes. In almost no time, and with practically zero mess, you've got glorious, made-from-scratch whipped cream. Pro tip: Speed up the process by making sure both the cream and the cocktail shaker are really cold.

Now channel your inner bartender one step further by splashing some booze in there, and you'll really be the most popular person at the party.