The New Film Series Will Explain Where Your Coffee Comes From

You probably had a cup this morning—and you'll likely have one this afternoon. You might even geek out about crema and which shop near you has the best rosetta art. But do you really know where that cup of coffee came from and how it went from a berry on small tree in a high-altitude region of the world to your cup? A group of London-based journalists are hoping to change that with The Coffee Stories, three films that will take a deep dive into the second-most traded commodity in the world.

In the first film, the crew travels to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee; for the second, they go to the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and the last focuses on London's coffee culture."These aren't just stories about coffee, they're about the people and the communities that are tied to it," the team explains on their Kickstarter page, which just went up yesterday. If they reach their goal of $18,000, they plan to release the movies this coming summer.

In the meantime, you can follow the project on Instagram: