Video: How To Fold Chinese Dumplings

How to fold Chinese dumplings, 3 ways

Maybe you don't have a cute little Asian grandma to make you dozens of dumplings in a nanosecond (or nitpick your own messy folds), but that's why you have the internet.

Fold and seal your way to pork-and-chive dumpling domination—just in time for Chinese New Year—with these three basic techniques for dumpling makers of all levels.

(1) Noob: Half-Moon

Simply add a little less than a tablespoon of pork-and-chive mixture to the center, wet the edges with water and fold in half, lengthwise. Boom, you've just made dinner.

(2) Halfway Decent: Wonton

Upgrade your potsticker to souper star with this dumpling usually used in light, fishy soups. Take the half-moon dumpling, overlap the pointed ends and glue them together with water.

(3) Expert: Pleated

Start at home-base half-moon dumpling, then roll the edges between your thumbs and index fingers to create a vertical crease into the dumpling. Easier viewed above than explained.

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