Check Out Vinhos Deluxe Edition Wine Board Game

Finally, a board game that combines your love of wine and thirst for fake power

Upgrading your meager settlements into cities during Settlers of Catan or destroying your friends in King of Tokyo is a lot more fun when booze is involved.

So it's no surprise that Vinhos—a board game in which you're a wine producer trying to grow, sell and wow critics with the finest wine in Portugal—has already exceeded its Kickstarter goal for its new Vinhos Deluxe Edition.

"This is probably in my top five of games that I own. Love it," user pilotbob says of the original Vinhos game on the BoardGameGeek forum.

Vinhos is a pretty complex game, but that's what people love about it: the fact that you need to think quick to move on one of your nine actions, from buying estates to hiring farmers and enologists, and in the time crunch of six rounds of play. It reminds me of 7 Wonders with the importance of building up your vineyard and prestige. My husband, who always wins and NEVER trusts in Catan, compared it to a cross between Race for the Galaxy and Kingsburg.

Yet, with all the cards to flip and various players to move around the board, it's a bit cumbersome to play the online version. So I'm going to wait for the real tactile game before further scrutiny—I am, after all, the current reigning Settlers victor after the holidays—and start stocking up on my literal wine collection to pair with it.