How To Make Slow Cooker Pork Tacos

Fill your tacos with slow-braised pork and pineapple

Traditionally, al pastor is prepared on an upright spit like how the meat for shawarma and gyros is cooked. A pineapple and an onion sit on top of the hunk of meat, and their juices drip down, providing sweet and sour flavors. The meat crisps and self-bastes as it turns slowly on the spit, just waiting to be sliced off into soft, thin strips and layered into a warm, welcoming tortilla.

We love spits, but let's get real.

Our delicious Slow Cooker Al Pastor takes all these flavors and transfers the process to the slow cooker. The pork slow-braises on high for five hours with lots of pineapple and spices and its own juices. Pineapple skins are placed on top to keep the meat moist and also serve as an ode to the pineapple that usually sits on top of the spit. When it's finished braising, the meat is so tender it practically shreds itself into soft strands that should be tucked into charred tortillas. Top with some of the braised pineapple, a pinch of flaky salt, cilantro, lime juice and lots of sour cream.

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