Watch Tasting Table Cooking Videos On Apple TV

Tune in to Tasting Table on Apple TV

Old-school chicken casserole, one-pan Mediterranean braised chicken and desserts for all your sweet teeth: now playing on an Apple TV near you.

Press pause on that Netflix binge (yes, Making a Murderer can wait), because Tasting Table has made it to the small screen. Starting now, you can use your Apple TV 4 to watch all of Tasting Table's cooking videos. Fall down a rabbit hole of mesmerizing food videos, plus short cooking lessons from the country's top chefs, in the comfort of your living room. They're all completely free and might even tempt you enough to get off the couch and get cooking.

To get started, search for "Tasting Table" in the App Store and simply use your remote control to navigate through our videos. Because if you're going to be a couch potato, you might as well throw some bacon and eggs in there, too.