How To Make Roman-Style Egg Drop Soup (Stracciatella)

How to make quick and easy stracciatella

When winter weather wears you down, there's nothing more satisfying than a quick bowl of soup to heat up your frozen bones. Our recipe for Roman stracciatella (aka egg drop soup) is light and brothy-just the thing to cut through the cold and warm up your soul. This soup is made with ingredients that you likely have on hand. All the better to quickly defrost you.

It takes 35 minutes to make, and 30 minutes of that is hands off. The broth just needs that little bit of time to infuse with the herbs and spices that have been dropped in. The last step is to slowly whisk in a beaten egg and then wait for those stracciatella or "little rags" to appear and spread throughout the subtly flavored broth.

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