Bernie Sanders Just Got His Own Ben & Jerry's Flavor

Bernie Sanders just got his own unofficial Ben & Jerry's flavor

Bernie Sanders is on a roll these days, and now he's also on an ice cream pint. Ben & Jerry's co-founder Ben Cohen announced a new, unofficial flavor today: Bernie's Yearning. The flavor is affiliated neither with Ben & Jerry's Inc. nor Sanders' campaign, and reflects only Cohen's views.

The text on the pint describes it as a "participatory flavor including a graphic description of what's wrong in our country," and "is a tribute to the only presidential candidate who has offered solutions that will actually fix the problems."

Inside, a large chocolate disc at the top of the pint covers mint ice cream below. According to Cohen, the disk represents the gains of the 1 percent in the last few years, and eaters are supposed to smash through it and mix the pieces into the ice cream below.

Cohen made the 40 pints himself: 

While Bernie's Yearning is not an official flavor, getting a Ben & Jerry's flavor named after you is pretty much the highest honor any Vermonter could hope for. The flavor isn't being distributed widely, but you can enter to win one of the limited-edition pints here.