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The most beautiful breakfast bowls on Instagram

If you've spent any time looking at food on Instagram, you've undoubtedly become well-versed in the ways of the breakfast bowl: the colorful creations of meticulously arranged oatmeal, acai, fruit, yogurt, matcha and [enter latest superfood here] cluttering your feed. A row of sliced bananas is customary; a sprinkle of chia or flax seeds is also par for the course. And it's always in a bowl. "Bowls are the new plates," if you haven't heard.

In the interest of seeking culinary inspiration, take a look at 13 of the most stunning #BreakfastBowls on Instagram.


Holy Happiness


Serenity Now

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Breakfast for Two


More Matcha Please


Happy Place


Christmas Miracle


Color Coded


Red White and Beautiful




Mother of Dragons


Breakfast Stripes


Green Goddess

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Fruit Forward