What To Drink While You're Mourning David Bowie

What to drink while you're mourning the late, great David Bowie

The solar system is going to be a very different place without ultimate rock star David Bowie, who died Sunday. Bowie had just released a new album called Blackstar and celebrated his 69th birthday two days earlier. "The man who fell to earth" sadly lost a battle to cancer, but his legacy will live on.

What better way to celebrate the life of the iconic musician and performer than by raising a glass—or 10—while listening to some of his most beloved songs? Even if you're not a die-hard fan and don't know who exactly Ziggy Stardust was, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know some of the most envelope-pushing music of the last few decades and the legend who created it all.

"Space Oddity"

Ground control to Major Tom Collins.

"Rebel Rebel"

A spicy tequila cocktail like The Botanist—which is made with jalapeños and served in a hollowed-out pepper—is the way to go for this song.


"Golden Years"

Just grab a cold one for this tune. Here's the perfect beer to drink for every phase of your life, according to Dogfish Head Brewery's Sam Calagione.


"The Jean Genie"

One of Bowie's biggest hits, the song was a real crowd-pleaser. This rosé sangria has crowd-pleaser written all over it, so make a batch. The colors also match the album cover for Aladdin Sane, where the song appeared.



Go for a classic cocktail that stands the test of time. An old-fashioned, what many call the original cocktail, sounds about right.


"Life on Mars"

Both surreal and bleak, the lyrics in this song require a beverage that will measure up. Absinthe, mixed in a cocktail like The Pink Elephant or La Abuela, should do the trick.


"All the Young Dudes"

"Now I've drunk a lot of wine, and I'm feeling fine," Bowie sings. Wine it is. Here's how to order like a pro.



Funky with an infectious beat, this song needs something you can drink slowly and consistently, because you're going to want to keep drinking. How about a kombucha daiquiri? We did say funky.


"Young Americans"

Speaking of endurance drinking, you'll need something you can drink "all night" for this song. And since he's singing about "young Americans," the most fitting option is a beer, like, say, Bud Light.



Slow and sentimental, this song just begs for a whiskey or bourbon served neat and to be sipped while slowly bopping your head along with the music.

Cheers, Mr. Bowie. The world will miss you.