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Starbucks kicks off 2016 with the new latte macchiato

Starting today, there's one more drink to ponder when you're standing in line at Starbucks. Meet the latte macchiato, a milky drink with two or more shots of espresso added to the mix and a foam layer on top. As Starbucks explains it to BuzzFeed:

The drink isn't such a departure from the majority of Starbucks' drinks, which are made with espresso and steamed milk—it looks similar to the cappuccino with a slightly less fluffy layer of foam on top. But something similar could be said for the Starbucks flat white, which debuted early last year and created a decent amount of buzz.

Like that drink, the latte macchiato is likely an effort by the coffee giant to hold onto its market share as third-wave coffee shops like Blue Bottle, La Colombe and others continue to gain steam. Peet's—which bought Stumptown and took a majority stake in Intelligentsia late last year—is also making a major play in the market.