January Editor's Note: Eat Clean In 2016

It's time to recharge for the New Year

December sure was fun, wasn't it?

If you're anything like us, you woke up on January 1 with a Champagne hangover that had been compounded by all the big meals and boozy drinks from the last 31 days.

Well, it's time to pry the sugar cookies from our cold, bloated hands and get back to feeling good about what we collectively eat and drink: We're not saying we should drop everything and go on some sort of newfangled crazy cleanse, but let's make some smarter choices.

Choices like persimmon-topped breakfast bowls, flavorful (and probiotic-rich) scallion kimchi, "healthy" ramen from one of NYC's top noodle destinations and a primer on alternative sugars. We'll show you how to use everyone's favorite ingredient, avocado, in desserts and the cauliflower dish from one of Chicago's hottest restaurants that you'll be dying to make.

But, of course, we'll still be bringing you our regularly scheduled programming of the best in wine, cocktails and more—because we can't go without for too long.

Let's raise our glasses of cold-pressed juice and toast to a healthier 2016. Cheers!