Video: How To Make Winter Sangria For The Holidays

This batchable sangria's sure to help you celebrate (and survive) the holidays

There's nothing quite like the holiday season: good company, decadent food and a crackling fire. But for those times when the company isn't so great, you might want to head to the party armed with something to make Uncle Teddy's hour-long stories go by a bit faster. And a big bowl of sangria is just the thing.

Unassuming with a base of red wine and spiked with warming Cointreau and brandy, this boozy bowl won't let you down. We like to top it with slices of apples, pears and blood oranges, but you can substitute any of your favorite fruits if you want to mix it up. The liquid will soak it all in. And if those stories get extra long, snack on the fruit at the bottom of your cup-it packs a punch. Watch the video to see how it's made.

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