Video: What To Make With Leftover Ham

3 easy (and delicious) ways to use up leftover holiday ham

Buying that whole ham seemed like a good idea at the time (all of the leftovers!), but now it's sitting in your fridge—still delicious but uninspired. Time to bring in the big guns, aka whatever else is in your fridge.

Take the extra pineapple left over from roasting your ham, then dice and toss it onto a tortilla, along with torn ham and, of course, cheese. Top with another tortilla for a next-level, Hawaiian-inspired quesadilla.

Say it's morning and you're starving: Sauté some leeks, chop up that ham and throw it altogether with a whole lot of cheddar and a few eggs. All it needs is a quick trip to the oven, and you have yourself the makings of a luscious frittata.

Think outside the puff pastry box, and layer a few slices of ham and shredded cheddar on thawed-out dough. Roll it up, cut into eight pieces and bake in a hot oven, cut-sides up, until golden and crispy outside and gooey and melty inside.

It's time to go ham on those leftovers.

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