Photos Of New York City's Chinatown

A glimpse into Chinatown, one of NYC's most iconic neighborhoods

New York City's Chinatown, located steps away from TT HQ, is our go-to neighborhood for hand-pulled noodles, steaming hot soup dumplings and, yes, even chicken feet.

It's also our favorite place to shop for Chinese and Thai pantry staples, dried shrimp, squid and mushrooms. Expect to see loose cherries and dragon fruits piled high in streetside stands and whole fish heaped over mounds of crushed ice. Visitors can peek into nearby buckets to find fresh octopus, live eels and frogsā€”or into delicious-looking storefronts for crispy Peking ducks eyeing you through the window.

Here's a peek at our favorite markets in Chinatown.

Fish swim in tanks visible from the street outside of New York Mart.

Fish and lobster sold around the corner from Bayard Meat Market.

A selection of fish sold along Canal Street.

A storefront near the Manhattan Bridge at closing time.

One of the most famous (and delicious) sights in Chinatown: a window full of glistening Peking ducks.

More Peking ducks hang in a takeaway restaurant along Chrystie Street.

Above boxes of fresh clams, octopuses are kept on ice.

A vendor measures out live shrimp.

Don't be surprised to find tanks filled with live frogs.

A fish vendor washes his station before opening shop.

Dried fish, squid and shrimp, stored in cardboard boxes.

Bing cherries for sale streetside.

Famously smelly durian fruit hangs outside a Chinatown market.