How To Make Punch For An Office Party With Vodka And Prosecco

This ginger Prosecco punch will spice up any office holiday party

'Tis the season to bust out your baking skills, win over your loved ones with the perfect gifts and get sloshed with your coworkers. Holiday office parties can either be the most fun you've ever had with your boss or the most embarrassed you've ever felt for the sales team who decided to take Fireball shots. Either way, the recipe for a successful office party lies in the punch, and we've got the perfect one.

To make this punch, infuse a 750-milliliter bottle of vodka with three tablespoons of grated ginger for two to three hours. Once it's done, pour the vodka, eight cups of apple cider, a quarter of a cup of lemon juice and two bottles of dry Prosecco into a large punch bowl. Cut two lemons into wheels and drop them into the bowl to garnish.

Apple cider is the only sweetener, which will help minimize sugary holiday hangovers (not that we're making promises). The morning of the party, start infusing the vodka; that way you can set it aside. When it's time for the celebration, simply dump, serve and commiserate over the copy machine.

One more tip: Serve ice next to the punch rather than in it to avoid watering it down.

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