Spotify's Turkey Timer Will Save Thanksgiving

Spotify's turkey timer ensures you won't burn your Thanksgiving bird

As we all learned from SNL this past weekend, music (or at least Adele) can save a Thanksgiving dinner like nothing else. But before you even get to dinner, there's that big bird that needs to be cooked properly. Worried it will burn? Forget your iPhone timer and head over to Spotify's Time for Turkey timer.

The music site/app will cook up a playlist that's measured for peak turkey roasting time. Just answer a few crucial questions: How many pounds is your turkey? Is it stuffed or unstuffed? And, pray tell, what type of music do you like to rock out to? (Kitchens should be judgment-free zones, so if you want to dance around to country or bubble-gum pop, we won't judge). There are options like Golden Oldies, Americana and Club Kitchen, aka dance-around-in-your-apron music.

All of the lists end with a small ringing bell that tells you your turkey is done. (Still, it's best to also take the bird's temperature starting a few songs before the list is over to make sure it hits 160 degrees, meaning after sitting, it will hit the 165-degree ideal.)

And remember, when all else fails at Thanksgiving, Adele really can save you:

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