Thanksgiving Tabletop 2015: Cake Stand, Serving Spoon, Gravy Boat

Thanksgiving is all about the food—and while you're most likely already in the menu-planning stage, you're probably going to need some vessels to get your feast on the table.

We've scoured the interwebs to find beautiful, functional and festive tabletop pieces that will ensure you don't look like a turkey when everyone sits down to dinner. Click through to see our picks and get a little recipe inspiration along the way.

Match Pewter Gravy Boat ($200)

You spent all that time making your gravy rich, flavorful and lump free. Might as well serve it in a classy, classic boat.

Galvanized Cake Stands ($198 for a set of three)

Present your favorite pies (pumpkin, pecan and the like) on Anthropologie's rustic stands. The largest one just happens to be perfect for our feeds-a-crowd apple galette.

Michael Michaud Oak Leaf Serving Spoon ($88)

Scoop smashed potatoes with this antique-looking spoon that screams "fall!"

Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shakers ($8)

Pumpkins: not just for pie anymore.

Vagabond House Antler Rustic Carving Set ($138)

You roasted that turkey to golden perfection. Carve it with panache by using this handmade carving set.

Grand Fete Paper Chain ($10 for a set of 30)

The least-fussy napkin rings you'll ever find.

Apilco Lion's Head Tureen ($120)

A porcelain tureen that's elegant enough to match these luxurious aioli-mashed potatoes.

Best Made "Be Optimistic" Enamel Charger ($48)

No need for #grateful or #blessed on your Insta captions—this plate says it all.

Romertopf Clay Turkey Baker ($99)

Be the winner, winner of your turkey dinner with this gorgeous, impressive terra-cotta baker that can hold up to an 18-pound bird.

Carmen Pineapple Ice Bucket ($70)

Pineapples are a traditional symbol of hospitality, so invite your guests to have a Pumpkin Spice Mai Tai (or three) at your wet bar adorned with an etched ice bucket.

Rachel Kozlowski Fireside Animals Pheasant Turkey Platter ($51)

Sure, you could use this stoneware server to present your perfectly roasted bird, or you could pile it high with colorful roasted vegetables.


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