The 7 Best Pie Recipes For Fall

Our seven favorite fall pie recipes, from classic apple to boozy citrus

Blueberry in the summer, lemon meringue in the winter—pie is a dessert for all seasons. But it always seems to sing its best song in fall, when we can cozy up inside with a slice of sweet potato, pumpkin or apple. Here are our seven favorites.

① Put down the marshmallows. Sweet potato shines its true colors in this pie. Bonus: It's got a crunchy pecan crust.

② Let's be real, a boozy margarita pie is always a good idea—and it makes holidays with your in-laws bearable.

③ Galette is like pie's boho cousin. Effortlessly chic and simple to put together, this apple-stuffed stunner will feed a crowd.

④ No offense to pumpkin or anything, but sometimes we just need something different, like this very grown-up grapefruit and Campari pie with a saltine crust.

⑤ The South knows its way around sweets like this sweet tea pie. Take a lesson.

⑥ Chocolate + oatmeal + pie = black bottom pie glory.

⑦ When all we want is a slice of perfect apple pie, we reach for this.