What's For Dinner: Spicy Bourbon, Parsnip Soup And Corn Bread

What's for dinner: a red, white and blue menu for Veterans Day

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

We're usually busy chatting about veterans of the restaurant and bar realm, but today is a different story. Today is Veterans Day, so make sure you thank a veteran for his/her service to the country. Here's one way to show your appreciation: cooking them warm corn bread and a bowl of velvety parsnip soup from this red-white-and-blue-themed menu.

① Drink: The Big Red

Jim Meehan's homemade cinnamon whiskey is the key to this bright red cocktail. Red Hots infuse bourbon with electric color (and spicy flavor), then the booze is topped off with orange juice for a bit of sweetness.

② Main Course: Pastinakensuppe (Parsnip Soup with Blood Orange, Cucumber and Dill)

All-white food can get a bad rap, but the haters have probably never had a spoonful of this smooth, dill-spotted soup. Starchy parsnips and potatoes naturally thicken the base, and boiling the vegetables in milk instead of water gives it an unbeatable creamy texture.

③ Side Dish: Blue Corn Bread

Blue corn is a staple New Mexican grain and gives this buttermilk-based bread more nutty richness than a yellow cornmeal. Swap the out-of-season peaches for thinly sliced apples or pears, or forgo the fruit and pour on extra red chile honey glaze.